If you want to do a blood test in Valencia or in any other city in Spain, with a private insurance policy or as a private patient, then this page is for you. To do this, you need to send a request for a telephone consultation, indicating the necessary parameters to the doctor. After that, the doctor will contact you and you will be given a referral for tests.

If you are a resident of Spain, you can book a consultation with your private insurance policy (Sanitas, Adeslas, Asisa, Aegon, DKV). All costs for standard tests are covered by your insurance company.

This service includes only referral for tests. If you are a private patient, then having a referral, you go to any laboratory, and there you will be told the price of blood tests. We provide prices for tests only for those patients who are served in our clinics. Also not included in this service is the decoding of the results.

I would like to remind all patients and some specialists that the most important thing is complete and capacious medical history person, with all the details, and then laboratory research. Therefore, it is completely unacceptable to first do all sorts of tests, and then proceed to compiling the patient's medical history. All information is provided here for the correct orientation and familiarization of patients with all the existing possibilities of modern medicine in Spain, but, without a doubt, we strongly recommend that you do not engage in self-diagnosis.

Clinical Tests
In Valencia and throughout Spain
Clinical analyzes are divided into groups. Select the analysis you are interested in and get a referral.

The most frequently analyzed liquids are:

  • Blood (STD test; CBC and urinalysis; DNA test; Semen test; HIV and Hepatitis test; Parasite test; Hormone test; Blood sugar test; HCG test; PSA test; PCR test ; analysis for any type of allergy; analysis of intolerance to anesthetics)
  • Urine and culture for urinary infections
  • The fluid that surrounds the spinal cord and brain (cerebrospinal fluid)
  • Intra-articular fluid (synovial fluid)
  • Less frequently, sweat, saliva, and fluid from the digestive tract (eg, gastric juice) are analyzed. In some cases, the analyzed fluids are present only in conjunction with a certain disease, for example, when fluid accumulates in the abdominal cavity (in the case of ascites), or which line the walls of the lungs (pleura)
  • Screening - a type of test to detect an early stage or latent form of the disease
  • Diagnosis of diseases and confirmation of the diagnosis - tumor markers

 Advantages of VALINTERMED

Specialists Valintermed help you get a blood test in Spain quickly and anonymously.

We offer a quick and anonymous analysis for genitourinary infections (STD test) in Valencia. Results are usually obtained within two to three days. A culture and an antibiogram are performed, which gives you the opportunity to immediately prescribe treatment.

You can get a referral for tests from anywhere in Spain under your insurance policy within an hour. All you need is to send a request for this service. If you need medical advice, it can be provided in Russian.

In the Community of Valencia (Comunidad Valenciana) and throughout Spain there are laboratories (biochemical and genetic) in which all laboratory examinations are available for all categories of patients. Many tests are specific to a particular disease or group of related diseases. You can also perform any blood test in your city if you have a referral.

Are you looking for a specific parameter to analyze?

Parameter (Spanish)Parameter (Russian)Component of blood Standard

International SI
AcetoacetatoAcetoacetateblood plasma< 1 mg/dL< 0.1mmol/L
Acetilcolinesterasa (ACE), RBCAcetylcolinesteraseBlood26.7 a 49.2 U/g Hb
Phosfatasa acidaAcid phosphataseSerum0.5-5.5U/L0-0.9µkat/L
Tiempo parcial de thromboplastina activada (aPTT)Activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT)Plasma25-35 seg
Hormona adrenocorticotropica (ACTH)adrenocorticotropic hormoneSerum9-52 pg/mL2-11 pmol/L
AlbuminaAlbumenSerum3.5 a 5.5 g/dl35-55g/L
De pieStandingSerum7-20ng/dL194-554 pmol/L
en decubitoLying down Serum2-5 ng/dL55-138 pmol/L
Fosfatasa alcalina (ALP)Alkaline phosphataseSerum36-92 U/L0.5-1.5µkat/L
Alfa1-antitripsina (AAT)Alpha 1 antitrypsinSerum83 a 199 mg/dL
Alfa fetoproteina (AFP)AlphafetoproteinSerum0-20ng/dL0-20pg/L
Ácido δ-aminolevulinico (ALA)delta-aminolevulinic acidSerum15-23 µg/L1.14-1.75 µmol/L
Aminotransferasa, alanina (ALT)Alanine aminotransferaseSerum0-35U/L0-0.58 pkat/L
Aminotransferasa, aspartato (AST)Aspartate aminotransferaseSerum0-35U/L0-0.58 pkat/L
AmoniacoAmmoniaPlasma40-80µg/dL23-47 µmol/L
Anticuerpos contra el antigeno nuclear extraíble (AENA)Antibodies to nuclear antigensSerum<20,0 unidades
Anticuerpos anti-péptido citrulinado cíclico (anti-CCP)Antibodies to petic citrated peptide (ACCP)Serum≤ 5 uniforms
Hormona antidiuretica (ADH; arginina vasopresina)Antidiuretic hormonePlasma<1,7 pg/mL<1,57 pmol/L
Anticuerpos anti-DNA de doble cadena, IgGAntibodies to double-stranded DNASerum<25 UI
Anticuerpos antimitocondriales M2Antimitochondrial antibodies M2Serum<0,1 unidades
Anticuerpos citoplasmaticos antineutrofilos (cANCA)Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic AntibodiesSerumNegative
Anticuerpos antinucleares (ANA)Antimitochondrial bodiesSerum≤ 1 unidad
Título de anticuerpos antimúsculo liso (ASMA)Antibodies to smooth muscleSerum≤ 1:80
Titulo de antiestreptolisina OAntisteptolysin-O quantitySerum< 150 uniforms
Título de anticuerpos microsómicos antitiroideosMicrosomal thyroid antibodiesSerum< 1:100
α1-Antitripsina (AAT)alpha-1-antitrypsinSerum83-199 mg/dL15.3-36.6 µmol/L
AI, womenAI, womenSerum98 - 210 mg/dL0.98 - 2.1 g/L
AI, menAI, menSerum88 . 180 mg/dL0.88 a 1.8 g/L
B-100, womenB-100, womenSerum44 - 148 mg/dL0.44 a 1.48 g/L
B-100, menB-100, menSerum55–151 mg/dL0.55 a 1.51 g/L
BicarbonatoBicarbonateSerum23-28mEq/L23-28 mmol/L
directaStraightSerum0-0.3 mg/dL0–5.1 µmol/L
TotalGeneralSerum0.3–1.2 mg/dL5.1-20.5 µmol/L
volumen de sangre:Blood parameters:
Plasma, mujeresPlasma, womenBlood28-43 ml/kg de peso corporal0.028 - 0.043 L/kg de peso corporal
Plasma, varonesPlasma, menBlood25-44 ml/kg de peso corporal0.025-0.044 L/kg de peso corporal
Globulos rojos, mujeresred blood cellsBlood20-30 ml/kg de peso corporal0.02-0.03 L/kg de peso corporal
Globulos rojos, varonesErythrocins, menBlood25-35 ml/kg de peso corporal0.025-0.035 L/kg de peso corporal
Peptido natriuretico cerebral (de tipo B)Brain natriuretic peptidePlasma<100 pg/mL
Calcitonina, edad ≥ 16 anos:Calcitonin, from 16 years old:
MujeresWomenSerum<8 pg/ml
VaronesMenSerum<16 pg/ml
CalcioCalciumSerum9-10.5 mg/dL2.2 a 2.6 mmol/L
Antigeno del Cancer (CA):Tumor markers:
CA 125Serum<35 U/mL
CA 15-3Serum<30 U/mL
Contenido de dióxido de carbono (CO2)Amount of carbon dioxideSerum23-28mEq/L23-28 mmol/L
Presión parcial de dióxido de carbono (PCO2)Partial pressure of carbon dioxideBlood35-45mm Hg
Antigeno carcinoembrionario (CEA)Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA)Serum< 2 ng/mL< 2 µg/L
carotenocaroteneSerum75–300 µg/L1.4-5.6 µmol/L
Relacion CD4:CD8CD4:CD8 ratioBlood1–4
Recuento de linfocitos T CD4+CD4+ T lymphocyte countBlood640-1175/μL0.64 a 1.18 x 109/L
Recuento de linfocitos T CD8+CD8+ T lymphocyte countBlood335-875/μL0.34 - 0.88 x 109/L
CeruloplasminaceruloplasminSerum25-43 mg/dL250-430 mg/L
CloroChrorSerum98-106mEq/L98-106 mmol/L
Colesterol, nivel deseable:Cholesterol:
Lipoproteina de alta densidad (HDL-C)high density lipoproteinPlasma≥ 40 mg/dL≥ 1.04 mmol/L
Lipoproteina de baja densidad (LDL-C)low density lipoproteinPlasma≤ 130 mg/dL≤ 3.36 mmol/L
Total (TC)total cholesterolPlasma150-199 mg/dl3.88 a 5.15 mmol/L
Factors de coagulation:Blood clotting factors:
Factor IFactor IPlasma150–300 mg/dL1.5-3.5g/L
Factor IIFactor IIPlasma60-150% de lo normal
Factor IXFactor IXPlasma60-150% de lo normal
Factor VFactor VPlasma60-150% de lo normal
Factor VIIFactor VIIPlasma60-150% de lo normal
Factor VIIIFactor VIIIPlasma60-150% de lo normal
Factor XFactor XPlasma60-150% de lo normal
Factor XIFactor XIPlasma60-150% de lo normal
Factor XIIFactor XIIPlasma60-150% de lo normal
Complemento:Complement system:
C3Serum55-120 mg/dL0.55 a 1.20 g/L
C4Serum20–59 mg/dL0.20 a 0.59 g/L
TotalTotalSerum37-55 U/mL37-55 kU/L
CobreCopperSerum70-155µg/L11 - 24.3 µmol/L
1 h despues de cosintropina1 hour after cosyntropin (cortrosin)Serum> 18 µg/dL and allowable ≥ 8 µg/dL from base value> 498 nmol/L and allowable ≥ 221 nmol/L from baseline
A Las 5 p.m.At 5 amSerum3-13µg/dL83 - 359 nmol/L
A Las 8 a.m.At 8 o'clock in the eveningSerum8-20µg/dL251-552 nmol/L
Luego de prueba de supresion nocturnaNocturnal suppression testSerum<5 μg/dL<138 nmol/L
C-peptidoC-peptideSerum0.9 - 4.3 ng/mL297-1419 pmol/L
Proteina C reactive (CRP)Inflammatory reactive protein CSerum< 0.5 mg/dL<0.005 g/L
Proteina C reactive, altamente sensible (hsCRP)Ultrasensitive inflammatory proteinSerum<1,1 mg/L<0,0011 g/L
Creatina cinasa (CK)Creatine kinaseSerum30-170U/L0.5 a 2.83 μkat/L
CreatininaCreatinineSerum0.7-1.3 mg/dL61.9-115 µmol/L
Dimero-dD-dimerPlasma≤ 300 ng/mL≤ 300 µg/L
Dehidroepiandrosterona sulfato (DHEA-S):Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate:
MujeresWomenPlasma0.6 to 3.3 mg/mL1.6-8.9 µmol/L
VaronesMenPlasma1.3 a 5.5 mg/mL3.5-14.9 µmol/L
Ácido δ-aminolevulinico (ALA)Delta-aminolevulinic acidSerum15-23 µg/L1.14–1.75 µmol/L
11-desoxicortisol (DOC):11-deoxycortisol
Luego de metiraponaafter taking metyraponePlasma> 7 µg/dL> 203 nmol/L
Basalbase valuePlasma<5 μg/dL<145 nmol/L
Nivel de d-Xylose 2 h después de la ingestion de 25 g de d-xyloseD-xylose level 2 hours after ingestion of 25 g of D-xyloseSerum> 20 mg/dL> 1.3 nmol/L
Epinefrina, en decubito supinoepinephrine, lying downPlasma< 75 ng/L< 410 pmol/L
Velocidad de eritrosedimentación (ESR):Erythrocyte sedimentation rate:
erythropoietinaErythropoietinSerum4 a 18.5 mUI/mL4 - 18.5 UI/L
Estradiol, mujeres:Estradiol, women:
Dia 1-10 del ciclo menstrualDay 1-10 from the start of the menstrual cycleSerum14-27pg/ml50-100 pmol/L
Día 11 - 20 del ciclo menstrualDay 11-20 from the start of the menstrual cycleSerum14-54 pg/mL50-200 pmol/L
Día 21 a 30 del ciclo menstrualDay 21-30 from the start of the menstrual cycleSerum19-40pg/ml70-150 pmol/L
Estradiol, varonesEstradiol, menSerum10-30pg/mL37-110 pmol/L
FerritinaferritinSerum15–200 ng/mL15-200µg/L
α‑Fetoproteina (AFP)Alpha fetoproteinSerum0-20ng/dL0-20pg/L
FibrinogenofibrinogenPlasma150-350 mg/dL1.5 a 3.5 g/L
Folato (ácido fólico):Folic acid:Serum2.7-17.5 ng/mL 6.00 a 38.50 nmol/L
Erytrocitosred blood cellsBlood160-855 ng/mL362-1937 nmol/L
SueroSerumSerum2.5–20 ng/mL5.7 a 45.3 nmol/L
Hormona folículoestimulante (FSH), mujeresFollicle stimulating hormone, women:
Face folicular or face lúteaHormone in the follicular phase of the cycleSerum5-20 mU/mL5-20U/L
Pico de la mitad del cicloThe peak of the hormone in the middle of the cycleSerum30-50 mU/mL30-50U/L
PosmenopausicasHormone during the postmenopausal phaseSerum> 35 mU/mL> 35U/L
Hormona folículoestimulante (FSH), varones adultosFollicle stimulating hormone, adult menSerum5-15 mU/mL5-15U/L
Gamma‑glutamil transpeptidasa (GGT)Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGPT)/transferaseSerum8-78 U/L
GastrinaGastrinSerum0-180 pg/mL0-180ng/L
Globulinas:GlobulinsSerum2.5 a 3.5 g/dL25-35g/L
α1-Globulinasalpha 1 globulinSerum0.2 - 0.4gdL2 - 4 g/L
α2-Globulinasalpha 2 globulinSerum0.5-0.9 g/dL5-9g/L
Beta-globulinasbeta globulinSerum0.6 - 1.1 g/dL6–11 g/L
Gamma-globulinasgamma globulinSerum0.7 - 1.7 g/dL7 - 17g/L
β2-Microglobulinabeta-2 microglobulinSerum0.7 - 1.8 µg/mL
2nd postprandialtwo hours after takingPlasma< 140 mg/dL< 7.8 mmol/L
Ayunoon an empty stomachPlasma70-105 mg/dL3.9 - 5.8 mmol/L
Glucosa-6-fosfato deshidrogenasa (G6PD)Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenaseBlood5-15 U/g Hb0.32 a 0.97 mU/mol Hb
Gamma‑Glutamil transpeptidasa (GGT)Gamma-Glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT)/transferaseSerum8-78 U/L
Hormona de crecimiento:A growth hormone:
Despues de la glucosa oralAfter taking glucosePlasma< 2 ng/mL< 2 µg/L
En respuesta a estimulo provocadorResponse to a stimulusPlasma> 7 ng/mL> 7 µg/L
HaptoglobinaHaptoglobinSerum30-200 mg/dL300-2000 mg/L
VaronesMenBlood14-17 g/dl140-170g/L
Hemoglobina A1cHemoglobin A1C / Glycated hemoglobinBlood4.7–8.5%
Electroforesis de hemoglobina, adultos:Hemoglobin electrophoresis, adults:
Hb A1Hemoglobin A1Blood95–98%
Hb A2Hemoglobin A2Blood2–3%
Hb CHemoglobin CBlood0
Hb FHemoglobin FBlood0.8–2.0%
HbSHemoglobin SBlood0
Electroforesis de hemoglobina, Hb F en niños:Hemoglobin electrophoresis, fetal hemoglobin F in children:
1-6 months1-6 monthsBlood0.08
> 6 monthsfrom six monthsBlood1–2%
MujeresWomenPlasma0.40 a 1.89 mg/L3-14 µmol/L
VaronesMenPlasma0.54 a 2.16 mg/L4–16 µmol/L
Gonadotropina coriónica humana (hCG), cuantitativa.Human chorionic gonadotropin, quantitySerum< 5 mUI/mL
IgAIgASerum70-300 mg/dL0.7 a 3 g/L
IgDIgDSerum< 8 mg/dL<80 mg/L
IgEIgESerum0.01 - 0.04 mg/dL0.1-0.4 mg/L
IgGIgGSerum640–1430 mg/dL6.4 a 14.3 g/L
IgG1IgG1Serum280-1020 mg/dL2.8 - 10.2 g/L
IgG2IgG2Serum6'–790 mg/dL0.6 - 7.9 g/L
IgG3IgG3Serum14-240 mg/dL0.14 - 2.4 g/L
IgG4IgG4Serum11 - 330 mg/dL0.11 - 3.3 g/L
IgMIgMSerum20–45 mg/dL0.2 - 1.4 g/L
Insulina, en ayunasinsulin, fastingSerum1.4-14µIU/mL10-104 pmol/L
Relación normalizada internacional (international normalized ratio, INR)Prothrombin test / MHO/INR:
Rango terapéutico (terapia de intensidad estandar)Standard Therapeutic ValuePlasma2.0–3.0
Rango terapéutico en pacientes con mayor riesgo (p. ej., pacientes con válvulas cardíacas protésicas)Desired INR in Patients at Cardiovascular RiskPlasma2.5–3.5
Rango terapéutico en pacientes con lupus anticoagulanteINR value in patients with lupus erythematosusPlasma3.0–3.5
HierroIronSerum60-160µg/dL11–29 µmol/L
Capacidad total de fijación del hierro (TIBC)Iron-binding capacity, total (TIBC)Serum250-460µg/dL45-82 µmol/L
lactato dehidrogenasa (LDH)lactate dehydrogenaseSerum60-160U/L1-1.67µkat/L
Acido láctico, venosoLactic acid, in venous bloodBlood6-16 mg/dL0.67 a 1.8 mmol/L
Prueba de tolerancia a la lactosaLactose Tolerance TestPlasma> 15 mg/dL de aumento en el nivel de glucosa en plasma> 0.83 mmol/L de aumento en el nivel de glucosa en plasma
PlomoLeadBlood less< 40 µg/dL<1,9 μmol/L
Fosfatasa alcalina leucocitica (LAP)Alkaline phosphatase leukocyte / leukocyteblood smear13-130/100/polimorfonucleares (PMN) leucocitos neutrofilos y bandas
LipasaLipaseSerum< 95U/L< 1.58µkat/L
Lipoproteina (a) [Lp (a)]LipoproteinSerum≤ 30 mg/dL< 1.1 µmol/L
Hormona luteinizante (LH), mujeres:Luteinizing hormone, luteotropin, women:
Fase folicular o luteafollicular phaseSerum5-22 mU/mL5-22U/L
Pico de la mitad del ciclomid-cycle peakSerum30-250 mU/mL30-250U/L
PosmenopausicasPostmenopauseSerum> 30 mU/mL> 30U/L
Hormona luteinizante, varonesluteinizing hormone, luteotropin, menSerum3-15 mU/mL3-15U/L
MagnesioMagnesiumSerum1.5 to 2.4 mg/dL0.62-0.99 mmol/L
ManganesoManganeseSerum0.3-0.9 ng/mL5.5 - 16.4 nmol/L
Hemoglobina corpuscular media (MCH)Mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH)Blood28-32pg
Concentración de hemoglobina corpuscular media (MCHC)Average hemoglobin concentration (MCHC)Blood32-36g/dL320-360g/L
Volumen corpuscular media (MCV)Mean red cell volume (MCV)Blood80-100 fL
Metanephrinas, fraccionado:Metanephrines, fractions
Metanephrinas, libreMetanephrines, freePlasma<0,50 nmol/L
Netanefrinas, libreNormetanephrines, freePlasma< 0.90 nmol/L
MetahemoglobinMethemagglobinBlood< 1.0%
Ácido metilmalónico.Methylmalonic acidSerum150-370nmol/L
Anticuerpos anti-mieloperoxidasa (MPO)Antibodies to myeloperoxidase (anti-MPO)Serum< 6.0 U/mL
MujeresWomenSerum25-58 µg/L1.4 a 3.5 nmol/L
VaronesMenPlasma28–72 µg/L1.6 a 4.1 nmol/L
Noradrenalina, decubito supinoNorepinephrine, lying downPlasma50-440pg/ml0.3 - 2.6 nmol/L
Propeptido N-terminal BNP (NT-proBNP)Brain natriuretic hormone (NT-proBNP)Plasma< 125 pg/mL
5'-Nucleotidasa (5'NT)5'-NucleosidaseSerum4-11.5U/L
OsmolalidadOsmolarityPlasma275-295 mOsm/kg H2O275-295 mmol/kg H2O
Prueba de fragilidad osmoticaOsmotic stability testBloodAumento de la fragilidad si hay hemolisis en NaCl a > 0.5%
Presion parcial de oxygeno (PO2)Partial oxygen pressureBlood80-100mm Hg
Hormona parathyroidea (PTH)Parathyroid hormoneBlood10-65pg/ml10-65ng/L
Péptido relacionado con la hormona paratiroidea (PTHrP)Parathyroid hormone-related peptidePlasma< 2 pmol/L
Tiempo parcial de thromboplastina activada (aPTT)Activated thromboplastin time (aPTT)Plasma25-35 seg
Fosforo inorganicoPhosphorus, inorganicBlood3.0-4.5 mg/dL0.97 - 1.45 mmol/L
Recuento de plaquetasPlatelet countBlood150-350 x 103/μL150-350x109/L
Tiempo de vida de las plaquetas, utilizando cromo-51 (51Cr)Platelet lifetime using chromium Cr518-12 dias
PorfirinasPorphyrinsPlasma≤ 1.0µg/dL
PotasioPotassiumSerum3.5–5 mEq/L3.5-5 mmol/L
Prealbúmina (transtiretina)prealbuminSerum18–45 mg/dL
Phase follicularfollicular phaseSerum< 1 ng/mL< 0.03 nmol/L
Phase lutea:luteal phaseSerum3–30 ng/mL0.1 - 0.95 nmol/L
MujeresWomenSerum< 20 µg/L< 870 pmol/L
VaronesMenSerum< 15 µg/L< 652 pmol/L
Antigeno prostatico específico, total (PSA-T)prostate specific antigenSerum0-4 ng/mL
Próstata-antígeno específico, relación libre/total (PSA-F: PSA-T)Ratio of specific prostate antigen to free prostate antigenSerum> 0,25
Actividad de la proteina CProtein CPlasma67–131%
Resistencia a proteina C activada (APC-R)Stability of activated protein CPlasma2.2–2.6
Actividad de proteina SS protein activityPlasma82–144%
Proteina, totaltotal proteinSerum6-7.8 g/dL60-78g/L
Tiempo de protrombina (PT)Prothrombin timePlasma11–13 seg
PiruvatopyrubateBlood0.08 - 0.16 mmol/L
Recuento de globulo rojosRBC countSangre4.2 a 5.9 x 106 cells/μL4.2 a 5.9 x 1012 cells/L
Tasa de supervivencia de los glóbulos rojos, utilizando 51CrThe survival index of erythrocytes with chromium Cr 51SangreT1/2 = 28 days
Actividad de la renina, plasma (PRA), en posición vertical, en varones y mujeres de 18 a 39 años:Parameters of renal renin in plasma, women and men from 18 to 39 years:
Depletion de sodioWith the addition of sodiumPlasma2.9 - 24ng/mL/h
Replecion de sodioBy adding sodiumPlasma0.6 (o inferior) -4.3 ng/mL/h
Recuento de reticulocitosReticulocytes:
PorcentajePercentage in bloodBlood0.5–1.5%
AbsolutelyAbsolute valueBlood23-90 x 103/μL23-90x109/L
Factor reumatoide (RF)Rheumatoid factorSerum< 40 U/mL< 40 kU/L
sodioSodiumSerum136-145mEq/L136-145 mmol/L
Testosterone, adults:Testosterone, adults:
MujeresWomenSerum20–75 mg/dL0.7 - 2.6 nmol/L
Tiempo de trombinaProthrombin timePlasma18.5-24 seg
Captación tiroidea de yodo-123 (123I)Thyroid capture of iodine-1235-30% de la dosis administrada a las 24 h
Tirotropina (TSH)Thyrotropic hormoneSerum0.5–5.0 µUI/mL0.5-5.0mUI/L
Thyroxina (T4):thyroxine
LibreFreeSerum0.9-2.4ng/dL12-31 pmol/L
Candice libreFree4-11 g/dL
TotalGeneral (+protein-bound)Serum5-12µg/dL64 - 155 nmol/L
TransferrinatransferrinSerum212-360 mg/dL2.1 a 3.6 g/L
Saturacion de transferrinaTransferrin saturationSerum20–50%
Triglyceridos (nivel deseable)TriglyceridesSerum< 250 mg/dL< 2.82 mmol/L
Triyodotironina (T3):Triiodothyronine T3
CaptacionCapture T3Serum25–35%
TotalGeneralSerum70 - 195 ng/dL1.1 a 3.0 nmol/L
Troponina ITroponin IPlasma< 0.1 ng/mL< 0.1 µg/L
Troponina TTroponin TSerum≤ 0.03 ng/mL≤ 0.03µg/L
Nitrogeno ureico (BUN)blood urea nitrogenSerum2.9 a 7.1 mmol/L
Ácido úricoUric acidSerum2.5-8 mg/dL0.15-0.47 mmol/L
Vitamin B12Vitamin B12Serum200–800 pg/mL148-590 pmol/L
Vitamina C (acido ascorbico)Vitamin C
LeucocitosLeukocytesBlood< 20 mg/dL<1,136 μmol/L
TotalThe total number of leukocytesBlood0.4-1.5 mg/dL23–85 µmol/L
1,25-dihidroxicolecalciferol (calcitriol)CalcitriolBlood25–65 pg/mL65-169 pmol/L
25-hydroxicolecalciferolDihydrocholecalciferolBlood15–80 ng/mL37 - 200 nmol/L
Recuento de leucocitosWBC countBlood3.9 - 10.07 x 103 cells/μL3.9 - 10.7 x 109 cells/L
CincZincSerum66-110µg/dL10.1 - 16.8 µmol/dL