Computed tomography in Valencia is a very important procedure to confirm the diagnosis. If you need a CT scan in Valencia or in any other medical facility throughout Spain, you can get a referral for an examination by ordering a medical consultation by clicking on the link. Referrals can be obtained either through private health insurance or patients book a private consultation. This service includes a mandatory medical consultation with a doctor and a referral letter, which will be sent to you at the end of the consultation. The examination can be performed either in our hospital in Valencia or in any other private medical institution throughout Spain.

With the help of CT, a specialist can assess the state of a particular organ, identify the presence of a pathological process and clearly establish the area of its distribution. The success of the study by computed tomography is largely determined by the use of equipment that meets the latest requirements.

Which CT often we do:

  • Angiography
  • Tomography of the heart and coronary arteries
  • Calcium screening
  • Urological tomography
  • brain examination
  • Virtual preoperative navigation
  • High resolution tomography
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Computed tomography is a modern method of radiation diagnostics, which is based on the phenomenon of X-ray radiation. Such a tomograph in a very short time (no more than a few minutes) allows you to get a high-resolution image - this is enough for a specialist to make a diagnosis with almost 100% accuracy. Usually, a single examination is sufficient to make a diagnosis, with the exception of tomography with the introduction of a contrast agent (in this case, the procedure may be repeated two or more times).

With all the safety of computed tomography, this procedure still involves a radiation effect on the patient's body, so the appointment of CT is necessarily justified by a specialist. The radiation dose during the passage of tomography is strictly controlled by the equipment and is safe for health. Carried out once, tomography will not cause damage to the body. However, CT scans should not be done too often.


There are no absolute contraindications to computed tomography. An examination on a tomograph is assigned to the patient, regardless of the condition (even a patient who is on artificial lung ventilation can be examined).

A relative contraindication is pregnancy and childhood - in these cases, the doctor must carefully weigh the pros and cons of such an examination before prescribing, since CT still involves receiving an X-ray dose.

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CT scan in Valencia

High-resolution CT or TAC cuts down to 1 mm, so even the smallest details are visible.

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Radiology Expert


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  • Coronary computed tomography - Examination of the cardiac arteries.
  • Virtual Colonoscopy – Examination of the colon for polyps. A distinctive feature of this procedure is the injection of air into the intestine, for which a small cannula is first introduced. This allows you to take clearer pictures.
  • Angiography – study of the condition of the arteries. In most cases, angiography precedes the development of a treatment plan for conditions such as clogged arteries or aneurysms. The high resolution of images obtained with the help of modern tomographs makes it possible to see even microscopic arterial patency disorders, as well as to study small vessels (up to 1 mm).
  • Emergency computed tomography brain.

CT scan - a safe and painless method that has gained immense popularity in modern medicine. Unlike such traumatic diagnostic methods as punctures, CT allows diagnosing diseases of tissues and internal organs with the same accuracy, but does not harm the patient. Due to this, computed tomography is used both for the purpose of primary diagnosis and for the purpose of clarifying previously diagnosed diagnoses.

It is also necessary to be careful with tomography with intravenous administration of iodine-containing contrast. A contrast agent can significantly increase the amount of data obtained, but this method is not recommended for patients with a high risk of allergy. Your doctor may recommend allergy testing before having a contrast-enhanced CT scan if you suspect an allergy.


You can have a CT scan in Valencia, by contacting us. Modern multislice tomographs make it possible to reduce the risks of examination and eliminate the negative consequences of the procedure for the patient, as well as to see a complete and accurate picture of the disease. CT scans in Valencia and other clinics in the Valencian Community are located in our several clinics.

Also, CT is included in the Check Up package of examinations. We do such examinations according to the directions, but we do not recommend doing CT scans more often than once a year without a specific diagnosis. You can't do a whole body CT scan because YOU are receiving a high dose of radiation. Most often, the Check-up package includes thoraco-abdominal CT without contrast. Contrast is added additionally if the Radiologist detects a suspicious tumor or anomaly.

Computed tomography (CT)Price
brain CT130
CT pituitary130
CT scan of the eye orbits130
CT scan of the paranasal sinuses and nasopharynx130
CT scan of the pharynx and nasopharynx130
TC of temporal bones and middle ear130
CT dentascan/3D CT of teeth235
CT dentascan of the upper jaw235
CT scan of the salivary glands130
Skull CT130
CT scan of the temporal bones130
CT angiography of the brain345
CT perfusion of the brain345
CT perfusion of tumors345
CT 3D of the brain235
CT 3D faces235
CT 3D skull235
CT stereotaxic surgery235
Cervical CT130
CT scan of the pharynx and nasopharynx130
CT angiography of the carotid arteries345
CT angiography of veins and arteries235
CT virtual navigation of the larynx235
CT 3D cervical235
chest CT130
CT scan of the anterior chest130
CT high resolution pleura130
CT scan of the breast130
CT angiography of the aorta345
CT angiography of the pulmonary arteries345
CT scan of the veins of the chest345
CT angiography of the cardiac arteries650
CT hagiography/phlevology of the pulmonary veins345
CT scan of the thoracic aorta235
CT scan of pulmonary arteries235
CT perfusion of the heart345
CT perfusion of cancers345
CT control of chest punctures545
CT scan of chest drains545
CT intravascular navigation235
CT virtual bronchoscopy235
CT 3D chest235
CT 3D chest vessels235
CT scan of lung tumors235
CT screening MSCT-cardiac calcium345
CT scan of the abdomen130
CT phlebology Abdominal veins345
CT angiography of the abdominal aorta345
CT scan of the venous system of the liver345
CT scan of the abdominal aorta AVA235
CT scan of the gallbladder and bile ducts235
CT urography345
CT perfusion of tumors345
CT of abdominal punctures545
Abdominal drainage CT545
CT virtual colonoscopy of the intestine345
CT virtual gastroscopy345
CT dynamics of the liver345
CT kidney dynamics345
CT dynamics of the pancreas345
CT 3D abdomen235
CT scan of the pelvis130
CT scan of the hip joints130
CT scan of the pelvic bones130
CT angiography of the iliac arteries345
CT venography of the iliac veins345
CT advanced pelvic vascular analysis235
CT perfusion of pelvic tumors345
CT puncture545
CT drainage545
CT 3D of the pelvis235
CT 3D hip joints235
Shoulder CT130
Elbow CT130
CT hand130
CT scan of the lower arm130
CT scan of the forearm130
Shoulder CT130
CT angiography of the arteries of the upper limb345
CT angiography of the veins of the upper limb345
CT analysis of vessels of the upper limb235
CT arthrography of the joints345
CT perfusion of upper limb tumors345
CT puncture545
CT drainage545
CT 3D shoulder joint235
3D CT scan of the elbow joint235
CT 3D brushes235
CT 3D wrist235
CT 3D forearm235
CT 3D humerus235
CT scan of the knee130
CT scan of the ankle130
CT foot130
CT scan of the musculature of the femur130
CT scan of the tibia130
CT angiography of lower limb arteries345
CT angiography of the veins of the lower limb345
CT angiography of the lower limb235
CT arthrography of lower limb joints345
CT perfusion of tumors345
CT puncture545
CT drainage of the lower limb545
CT 3D knee joint235
CT 3D ankle235
CT 3D foot235
3D CT scan of the femur235
CT 3D of the tibia235
CT multiposition knee345
CT knee flexion235
CT of the femur during movement235
CT scan of the tibia during movement235
Cervical CT130
CT scan of the chest130
CT scan of the lumbar130
CT scan of the lumbosacral region130
CT perfusion of cervical tumors345
CT perfusion of thoracic tumors345
CT perfusion of lumbar tumors345
CT perfusion of sacral tumors345
CT navigation of spinal puncture545
CT navigation for vertebral plastic surgery545
CT of drains545
CT 3D cervical235
CT 3D of the thoracic region235
CT 3D lumbar235
CT 3D sacro-lumbar235
CT myelography of the cervical spine345
CT myelography of the thoracic region345
CT myelography of the lumbar spine345
CT dynamics of the cervical spine235
CT thoracic dynamics235
CT lumbar dynamics235