Magnetic resonance imaging is one of the most reliable and reliable methods of rapid diagnosis. The success of the examination consists of two components: the experience of a radiologist and the use of modern high-tech equipment.

If your doctor prescribes this examination and you have a referral, then you can do High resolution MRI 3 Tesla, at one of our diagnostic centers. All private hospitals in Spain usually do an MRI at 1.5 Tesla. This is not the highest resolution that exists. Many patients undergo MRI and receive the results on digital media, so YOU can always send images to your doctor, even in another country.

If you need to get a referral for an MRI in Valencia clinics and throughout the Valencian Community, you can make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Korzhikov. You can also get a referral to get an MRI at any private hospital throughout Spain and a specialist consultation.

The use of contrast agents makes it possible to obtain high-quality 3D images of organs, including coronary arteries, as well as coronary artery bypass grafts. A huge advantage of MRI compared to other diagnostic methods is the absence of the need for hospitalization of the patient and the need to introduce catheters into the vessels when examining the heart and coronary arteries. Health care regulations in Spain set strict restrictions on the use of equipment for MRI diagnostics. In clinics Valencia using state-of-the-art equipment of the latest generation.

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Magnetic resonance imaging enables the diagnostician to obtain clear images of tissues and organs. Based on the images, the specialist establishes an accurate diagnosis and prescribes adequate treatment. Often, MRI diagnostics are prescribed to clarify the general state of health of the patient - in itself, the referral to the procedure does not at all mean the presence of a pathology.

Today, MRI is one of the most common, accurate and safe ways to detect a wide range of diseases. MRI is used to examine almost all organs and systems. An exception for the appointment of this procedure is only the alleged presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and lungs - MRI is not used to diagnose this area.

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Specialists in Valencia carry out ALL existing types of MRI- diagnostics:

1) typical - these include:

  • brain MRI,
  • cervical MRI,
  • MRI of the heart and blood vessels,
  • MRI of the abdomen,
  • MRI of the pelvic region,
  • MRI of the joints.

2) Specialized - these include:

  • urological examination,
  • examination of the inner ear
  • breast examination,
  • virtual navigation (used in surgical operations),
  • study of intracranial fluid,
  • spectroscopy,
  • functional tomography,
  • magnetic resonance perfusion,
  • high resolution examination of the knee joints.

The availability of modern equipment allows you to perform specialized MRI examinations that are not available to patients in other countries.

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In diagnostics, several types of contrast agents are used, which can be divided into three large groups:

  • contrasts based on iodine,
  • contrasts based on barium salts,
  • contrasts based on gadolinium.

The first two types of drugs are still used in some MRI machines, but gadolinium contrast agents, a new generation of drugs, are successfully replacing them. Gadolinium preparations are safer and provide maximum image accuracy.

Speaking of contrast agents, it should be noted the importance of using safe contrastsespecially for patients with renal insufficiency. Based contrasts gadoliniumstudies show that they are much less likely to cause allergic reactions. In addition, the stable compound of gadolinium makes it possible to carry out MRI diagnostics of pregnant women with minimal risks to the health of the fetus.

Experienced radiologists, qualified staff, modern equipment and an emphasis on safety and efficiency are the key factors determining the success and reliability of MRI diagnostics performed in any clinic in Valencia.

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Are there any contraindications for diagnosis? This question is most often asked by patients who are going to undergo an examination.

Yes, with all the safety, this technique has a number of contraindications. Examination is strictly prohibited in the following cases:

  • presence of a pacemaker
  • the presence in the body of other implanted electronic devices,
  • the presence of metal implants in the skull.

In all other situations, magnetic resonance imaging is not contraindicated. However, experts recommend that you always inform your doctor before prescribing a diagnosis of the following data:

  • Do you have any metal medical devices in your body?
  • Are there other kinds of metallic objects in your body?
  • Have you had previous heart surgery?
  • Have you experienced sudden loss of consciousness?
  • Have you been diagnosed with epilepsy?
  • Women must report their pregnancy.
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Price of MRI in Valencia

All Types of MRIMRI price
brain MRI265
MRI of the pituitary gland265
MRI of the eye orbits and optic nerves265
MRI of the inner ear, temporal bone, auditory nerve265
MRI of jaw joints, open/closed265
MRI of salivary rods265
MRI of cerebral vessels (Willis-TSA)430
MRI diffusion of the brain430
MRI diffusion brain 3D430
MRI brain perfusion430
MR spectroscopy430
Functional MRI430
Functional MRI of the sensorimotor zone430
Functional MRI of the auditory zone430
Functional MRI of the visual area430
Functional MRI of the memory zone430
Functional MRI of the speech area430
Functional MRI of higher nervous activity430
MRI of cerebrospinal fluid/hydrocephalus430
3D brain MRI695
MRI of the inner ear 3D695
MRI of the salivary glands and their functions430
MRI of the cervical spine265
Cervical vascular MRI (TSA)430
MRI of cervical arteries430
MRI of venous and arterial vessels430
Sleep MRI/Sleep Apnea715
Normal MRI/Sleep Apnea695
MRI of cervical vascular dynamics860
MRI diffusion430
chest MRI265
MRI of vertebrae, ribs and soft tissues265
MRI of the brachial plexus265
breast MRI430
MRI of the armpit265
MRI of the acromioclavicular joint265
MRI of the heart430
MRI of the chest vessels430
MRI of the heart - study of the heart muscle430
Cardiac MRI - pharmacological stress715
MRI of the heart - congenital vascular paroxysms715
MRI chest diffusion430
MRI of chest vessels (veins, arteries)430
MRI of the aorta430
MRI of the pulmonary arteries430
MRI of chest veins430
MRI of the chest860
MRI of the mammary glands and blood vessels860
MRI dynamics of the mammary gland860
MRI of the abdominal organs265
MRI of abdominal muscles265
Liver MRI265
MRI of the kidneys265
MRI of the adrenal glands265
MRI of abdominal vessels430
MRI of the arteries of the thoracic aorta, iliac arteries430
MRI of liver vessels430
MRI of the renal vessels430
MRI diffusion of the abdominal cavity430
MRI perfusion of the kidneys430
MRI peritoneal / retroperitoneal430
MR cholangiography430
MR cholangiography using pharmaceuticals. stimulation430
MRI urography430
3D abdominal MRI695
Dynamic contrast MRI of the liver430
MRI of the pelvic organs265
MRI of the bone apparatus of the entire pelvic region265
MRI of the hip joints265
MRI of the lumbar spine265
MRI of the pelvic vessels430
MRI diffusion of the pelvic region430
MR spectroscopy of the pelvis430
Fetal MRI and pelvimetry430
MRI of the pelvic joints430
MRI of the female reproductive system (uterus, ovaries)430
MRI of the human reproductive system (prostate)430
MRI of the rectum430
MRI defecography695
MRI defecography-cystography715
MRI defecography-cysto-colpography715
MRI staging of rectal cancer430
MRI staging of the male genitourinary system430
MRI staging of the female genitourinary system430
Shoulder/plexus MRI265
Elbow MRI265
MRI of the palm265
MRI of the upper limb265
MRI of the forearm265
Shoulder MRI265
Shoulder MRI860
MRI of the arm vessels430
MRI of forearm vessels430
MRI of the vessels of the shoulder430
Shoulder MRI430
Elbow MRI430
MRI of the wrist and hand430
knee MRI265
MRI of the tibia265
MRI of the tibia265
Foot MRI265
Foot MRI265
MRI of the ankle joint265
MRI of the ankle joint265
MRI of the lower limb265
MRI of the lower limb265
Comprehensive MRI of the entire lower limb860
Comprehensive MRI of the entire lower limb860
MRI of the vessels of the foot430
MRI of the vessels of the foot430
MRI of the femoral vessels430
MRI of the femoral vessels430
MRI of the vessels of the popliteal and lower segments430
MRI of the vessels of the popliteal and lower segments430
Arthro MRI of the knee joint430
Arthro MRI of the knee joint430
Arthro MRI of the ankle joint430
Arthro MRI of the ankle joint430
MRI of cervical vertebrae265
MRI of the thoracic vertebrae265
MRI of the lumbar vertebrae265
MRI of the sacro-lumbar265
MRI myelography of the cervical spine430
MRI myelography of the chest430
MRI myelography of the lumbar spine430
MRI dynamics of the cervical joints430
MRI cervical diffusion430
MRI diffusion of the thoracic region430
MRI diffusion of the lumbar430
Whole body MRI for metastases715
MRI of soft tissues for the presence of dystrophies430
MRI of the vessels of the whole body1720
Anesthesia, sedation110