Patients are given the opportunity to undergo comprehensive diagnostics in diagnostic centers according to programs "Check up" or Check-up V Valencia (Spain). For this purpose, Dr. Korzhikov works with a team of specialists who have developed programs "Check up" or "Check-up" diagnostics for all patients.

These programs provide patients with the opportunity to receive a complete and detailed examination to evaluate their health. Thus, patients have the opportunity to perform comprehensive diagnostics and check their health for compliance with standards in diagnostic centers under the programs “Check-up" or "Check-up" examinations.

Check-up and express examination of the body in Valencia and throughout Spain. - 1

Modern medical examination technologies provide fast and effective diagnosis, which leads to faster detection and treatment of diseases. In this regard, there is a need to standardize protocols to improve the quality and efficiency of diagnostics. This will allow us to achieve a higher level of clinical diagnosis, which will lead to faster and more effective treatment of diseases.

MRI examinations are a very useful tool for accurate and targeted diagnosis. There is now an appropriate variety of types of MRI examinations available for patient care, including analytical, physical, navigation, imaging, and others. However, choosing the right type of test for a particular patient can be quite difficult, so it is recommended to consult a radiologist for advice.

Why do our patients prefer to do an annual "CHECK-UP" for insurance?

Check-up in Valencia for insuranceWe take an active part in research activities on express diagnostics of oncological diseases using genetic tests. Also in our practice we use MRI-3T in accordance with the new requirements and standards, unlike other clinics. Therefore, we are trusted by most insurance companies, which means that most of the surveys You can do under the insurance policy. If you are looking for the best insurance policy we work with.

The main advantages of conducting a comprehensive survey can be considered:

  • Timely detection and determining the stage of development of various diseases is of particular importance for proper treatment. Modern diagnostic methods, scanning and various tests make it possible to determine the stage of the disease in time, which allows you to begin treatment as quickly as possible. Early diagnosis of diseases reduces recovery time and increases the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Our team offers patients a high level of comfort while performing all required tests. Our employees take into account the characteristics of each patient, which allows you to instantly get checked in the best centers, without the need for long waits in queues. At the same time, we guarantee high quality research, which gives patients confidence in the treatment process.
  • All tests are carried out with maximum comfort for the patient. Our doctors and specialists ensure that all required tests are performed with maximum comfort for the patient. They assess the patient’s condition and take into account his characteristics, including age, health status and other factors. This allows you to ensure the comfort of performing all required analyzes.
  • Taking into account the specifics of each patient, carried out by our employees, allows you not to wait in queues, but to be specifically checked in the best centers. This ensures not only efficiency, but also quality.
  • The right to choose very important in the context of visiting a family doctor. The family doctor can make recommendations and provide general information to help the client make a decision. But the final decision remains with the patient. This means that the patient must make the best decision based on their beliefs, needs and preferences. Sometimes patients can independently explore all available options and make a decision that expresses their personal choice.
  • Saving time and money is one of the most considered factors to gain access to healthcare services and services at a lower cost. A comprehensive program is cheaper than taking tests individually because it offers discounts and benefits that cannot be obtained when ordering tests at different consultations or in different clinics.
  • Objectivity - This is an important rule for any doctor who writes a report on the results obtained. He must be unbiased and professional, and the conclusion must be written taking into account the deviations for each system. This will give the patient a better understanding of their health and will also help the doctor diagnose correctly and make the right treatment decisions.

Why VALINTERMED? Check-up in Valencia.

Our company specializes in medical tourism in Spain. The main type of service is medical assistance to Russian-speaking patients of Valencia. We have developed a special express program "Check-up Tourist". It allows you to conduct a comprehensive medical check-up within a few hours. While on vacation, you can do a check-up, which lasts only a few days.

Many of our patients, who travel frequently, have repeatedly come across various offers to do a “Check-up” examination in Spain or some other country. They heard many different arguments in favor of private medical facilities. "Check-up" became popular with patients. As a result, the organization of "package studies" is carried out by people who have absolutely nothing to do with medicine.

We analyzed a large number of check-up programs offered in different countries. We also evaluated the results of the previously mentioned "package" options for further treatment in Spain. After analyzing the information, we came to the conclusion that it is much better for our patients to create more advanced programs. They must integrate comprehensive and fast diagnostics in some of the best medical institutions in their field.

We have the resources to provide a comprehensive check-up program. Several of the best diagnostic centers in Valencia can be connected at the same time. Due to this, in a short time, the exclusivity of certain services is provided in case of a need for rapid diagnosis of rare diseases.

Pay attention to the importance of preparing for different types of checks. In some cases, it is required to pass tests on an empty stomach, in others - to follow a diet for several days or be with a cleansed intestine.

Don't neglect your health. Examine your body in a timely manner. Where to start, determine with the help of your doctor in Spain or where you live. Also consult our Russian doctor - family doctor in Valencia.

We draw your attention to the fact that for people of different ages there is a certain program for checking the body. So, for women 35 years old, it is important to perform ultrasound of the mammary glands, at an older age - mammography. The situation is similar with the cardiovascular system. In men, problems with this system occur more often. Women need to pay attention to the thyroid gland. Such subtleties must be taken into account.