What other medical services does the doctor provide?

There are a number of other secondary medical questions that do not relate to a standard or face-to-face medical consultation at the clinic. For example, patients, being in another country, send your testimonials for consideration, asking for recommendations on operations.

Others often ask for prescriptions for the purchase of medicines in Spain, for the purchase of which pharmacies require prescriptions. Of course, this is possible if you are a chronic patient and you can confirm your diagnosis. Many patients request telephone consultations.

Some patients are located in different cities and provinces of Spain, they want conduct surveys in your cityand they just need a doctor's referral for the insurance company. Therefore, they do not need to consult a doctor. Most of these services are covered by private health insurance policies, and some are exclusively paid.

If Do you have a private medical insurance policy? in Spain, you just need to make an appointment for a consultation. If you are a private patient, then below is the list of services and prices:

Other GP medical services in Spain - 1
Paid services

Services and prices

How to order a paid medical service?

  1. Submit your application using the form below
  2. Our doctor will contact you
  3. You pay for services (PayPal, Bizum y etc)
  4. You get a solution to your problem