Get access to exclusive consultations and medical services from a doctor in Valencia, as well as in various regions of Spain. Our specialist, with extensive international experience and deep knowledge in various fields of medicine, offers an individualized approach to each case. From thorough diagnosis to treatment of specific diseases or planning of surgical interventions, our doctor guarantees professionalism and a high level of patient care.

Your health will be in good hands thanks to the use of advanced technologies and innovative treatment methods. Contact us for expert medical care, available both in Valencia and throughout Spain - we care for your well-being with special attention and professionalism.

Medical services and doctor consultations in Valencia and throughout Spain

Doctor consultations and medical servicesIn-person medical consultations: Get personalized medical advice by meeting face-to-face with our qualified specialists. This approach provides the most accurate assessment of your health and effective treatment planning.

Telephone medical consultations: Consult your doctor conveniently without leaving your home. Our telephone medical consultations provide quick access to professional advice and assistance in emergencies.

Online medical consultations: Take advantage of the convenience of online consultations for medical advice. Wherever you are, quality help from our specialists is always at hand.

Surgical consultations: Get a professional opinion about the need and options for surgery. Our experts will help you understand all aspects of your upcoming surgery and what to expect during the recovery process.

Medical report: Trust our experts to provide you with an accurate and thorough medical opinion. We'll give you all the information you need to make informed decisions about your health.

Medical translations of documentation: Ensure accuracy and understanding of your medical records with our professional translation services. We guarantee high-quality translation of medical documents into the language you need.

Medical support: Our specialists will offer you not only consultations, but also full medical support at every stage of your treatment, providing the support and care you need.

Medical consultations with a general practitioner in Russian and other medical services are provided by appointment through the form in each section. To receive an individual medical consultation with Dr. Korzhikov, go to the appropriate section. You can familiarize yourself with other specialist services in the section "Other services".

If you need a specific specialist, such as a Traumatologist or Cardiologist, then you need to contact your insurance company, which will offer you the appropriate specialist. The specialists recommended by us perform certain surgical operations, and all organizational issues of selection and recommendations are carried out on a paid basis. There are a large number of private clinics and hospitals in Valencia with which we work closely to perform specific surgical procedures.