A consultation with a doctor in Spain is a paid service that allows the patient to receive professional medical care at a high level. The procedure includes a preliminary examination and diagnosis, as well as making a diagnosis and prescribing treatment or recommendations.

The patient receives individual treatment, including prescription of medications and recommendations for rehabilitation. The doctor provides the patient with detailed information about the health condition, including symptoms, warnings, diets and nutritional rules.

At the end of the consultation, the patient is given a medical report with recommendations for further treatment.

Do you need online consultation with a doctor in Valencia or other regions of Spain? Dr. Korzhikov's website provides access to online consultations and he is ready to answer your questions and provide quality medical care directly from Spain.

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Doctor Korzhikov provides medical consultations to Russian-speaking patients in the city of Valencia, as well as throughout Spain, and sometimes throughout the world. It is connected to the latest technologies and methods for diagnosis and treatment.

He specializes in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, hypothyroidism, diabetes and other diseases. Dr. Korzhikov has many years of experience and professional knowledge, making him an ideal choice for Russian-speaking patients. Consultation cost 40-50 euros.

 Blade: Espacio de Salud DKV Valencia

Consultation with a doctor in Spain, in Valencia


Av. del Regne de Valencia, 19, L'Eixample, 46005 Valencia, Valencia

Hours of face-to-face consultations: 

Monday from 10:00-14:00

Wednesday from 16:00-20:00

Thursday from 10:00-14:00  

Telephone: 961 68 74 48

How to sign up for a paid medical consultation with Dr. Korzhikov?

  • Choose the day and time that suits you.
  • Select type of consultation ( paid full-time or paid telephone)
  • Fill out the registration form and wait for the confirmation email
  • Please enter your phone number correctly
  • Face-to-face consultations are paid for at the clinic


All paid consultations have time priority over consultations on insurance policies, they last from at least 30 minutes to 45. If you need prescriptions or several referrals for examinations and you do not have insurance private medical insurance, then this service is for you.

What kind of consultations does Dr. Korzhykov provide?

Medication counseling helps people find the most effective medications that will work best for their specific condition. During this consultation, your doctor may review your medical history and evaluate your health status and treatment options. Thus, medical consultations on medications can help you choose the right medications that can improve your health condition.

Online therapist consultations in Valencia

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Online consultation with a doctor in Spain

Consultation with a doctor in Spain, in ValenciaForget about long waits and a lot of paperwork - contact us today and get a high-quality online doctor’s consultation and the necessary referrals for tests to maintain your health.

Getting referrals for medical tests is an important step in the process of receiving medical care. To get a referral, you need to see a doctor. The appointment will be long enough for the doctor to assess the patient’s condition and tell him what tests and studies need to be done.

If necessary, you may also be given a written referral for medical examinations. This will allow you to visit a hospital or other medical facility for further tests.

Telephone consultation with a doctor in Spain

Our telephone consultations with a doctor in Spain provide a convenient and affordable way to receive medical care at a time convenient for you. Dr. Korzhikov is ready to answer your questions, listen to your concerns and provide recommendations right over the phone.

With this service, you can get an expert medical opinion without leaving your home or office. We understand how important it is to maintain your health, so we make medical care more accessible and convenient for you. Contact us for a telephone consultation with a doctor in Spain and we will help you take care of your health with pleasure and trust.