Treatment of sexual dysfunction or impotence with a surgical method, which helps many patients restore their sexual function and improve their quality of life. We'll talk about penile prosthetics. Our specialized medical centers are equipped with the latest equipment and are run by highly qualified surgeons with extensive experience in the field of urology and men's health.

Treatment of sexual dysfunction through surgery includes penile prosthesis, vascular surgery and other procedures aimed at eliminating the underlying causes of sexual dysfunction. We approach each case individually, offering patients a full range of diagnostic tests to accurately determine the best treatment method. Our goal is not only to eliminate symptoms, but also to improve the overall quality of life for patients by ensuring confidentiality, professionalism and care at every stage of treatment.

Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction and are looking for a modern and effective way to treat it? In Valencia, Spain, you will find highly qualified specialists and modern equipment for penile prosthetics. Today, thanks to new technologies and advanced medical techniques, penile prosthesis has become one of the most effective ways to treat erectile dysfunction. The surgical methods used in Valencia are the most advanced and allow you to quickly and painlessly eliminate the problem.

Treatment of impotence with prosthetics. Penile prosthetics.

Treatment of sexual dysfunction with surgery in ValenciaPenile prosthetics in Valencia is carried out only by highly qualified specialists in the field of urology and andrology. They use the most advanced technologies and techniques to help patients restore their sexual function and return to a fulfilling sex life. As for the installation of penile prostheses, Valencia uses only the most advanced models that are safe and effective. Dentures are made from high quality materials and have a long service life. In addition, the installation of the prosthesis is carried out in a minimally invasive way, which reduces the treatment time and reduces the risk of possible complications.

It is also worth noting that penile prosthetics in Valencia is available for all patients, including private ones. Clinics offer a flexible pricing policy and an individual approach to each patient. This means that you can receive fast and effective treatment, regardless of your insurance policy or financial capacity.

If you are looking for an effective way to treat erectile dysfunction, then penile prosthetics in Valencia is an excellent choice. Contact the experts and regain confidence in your sexual abilities today!

Currently, according to various studies, from 20% to 50% (up to half of the men surveyed), they experience difficulties with erection and admit to having experienced erectile dysfunction problems after age 50. In this article Dr. Korzhykov will talk about the latest developments and advantages of silicone male genital prostheses used to correct and treat impotence and sexual dysfunction.

Here you can find out how we treat erectile dysfunction and impotence in Spain and Europe. What methods are used in European medicine in the treatment of impotence. What implants are used for penile prosthetics for impotence in Europe. We will tell you how prosthetics of the penis is done in Valencia.

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Treatments for erectile dysfunction. What options are there??

Is always first and main treatment of sexual dysfunction - it medical treatment. There are a lot of medications on the market. Of the side effects, a decrease in blood pressure can be noted, and it is also not recommended for men with cardiovascular diseases. Over time, the effect of the pills decreases, because the body gets used to it and requires an increase in the dose of the drug, which is also characterized by an increase in the likelihood of side effects.

Exist intracavernous/penile injection one well-known drug. You can find its commercial name on the search page. An experienced urologist usually teaches the patient how to properly inject. These injections help well if the pills do not give the desired effect in case of impotence, or if there is a strong side effect from the same sidenafil and the like. The main inconvenience is that it is necessary to give an injection before the “beginning”, the effect lasts for two days (it consists in increasing potency). More than three injections per week are prohibited. The main problem is that in some the body gets used to the active substance, so over time the injections do not give the desired effect. But nevertheless, the drug is very proven and is often used in Spain.

Recall that there are also special creams containing vasodilating components that are applied to the head of the penis and cause vasodilation and improve potency. Implantation penile prosthesis is the last therapeutic agent precisely in cases where other methods of treatment, mainly oral drugs and intracavernous injections, have proven ineffective. And also it is prescribed after radical prostatectomy, serious traumatic consequences and diabetics.

Surgical treatment of sexual dysfunction and impotence in Valencia

Penile prosthesis is one of the possible treatments for impotence in men with diabetes. This involves placing an artificial device inside the penis to restore erection function. However, before making a decision about prosthetics, it is recommended to consult a doctor and conduct a detailed physical examination in order to determine the possible risks and receive individual recommendations.

In recent years, the approach to the treatment of erectile dysfunction has undergone great changes both in terms of materials and surgical methods, which has reduced the number of complications and increased patient satisfaction. Note that its use silicone prostheses does not affect sexual desire, orgasm or ejaculation.

The operation is quite simple, does not require any major changes in the anatomy of a man. Visually, everything remains the same, and only you will feel the difference. It can definitely be said that patients who have been implanted with a penile prosthesis usually consider themselves strong again and therefore increase their sexual desire and interest in resuming relationships. 

Penile prosthetics. What types of penile prostheses are there?

Three-piece penile prosthesisthe same the best proposed decision for the treatment of sexual impotence surgically today. It is an inflatable silicone penis prosthesis that can be adjusted anytime, anywhere. We offer two advanced and proprietary products. This INFLA 10 AXPS and AMS 700 LGX

One-piece prosthesisThis is the simplest prosthesis: plastic / silicone, hydrophilic elastic, semi-rigid. Designed and recommended for elderly patients over 70 years of age. Very convenient to use. There are different manufacturers. We use Rigi 10, which differs from the others with a proprietary hydrophilic coating.

Three piece penile prosthesis

modern three piece penile prosthesis consists of two silicone hydraulic reservoirs connected to each other and connected to the main reservoir, between which there is a hydraulic regulator. 95% patients who underwent this operation are very satisfied with the results obtained and would recommend it to other patients with the same clinical situation.

There are many models and manufacturers of penile prostheses and each has its own characteristics. All manufacturers offer a large number of these types of prostheses, which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Models differ in indications, in size and length. All details are discussed in consultation with specialists.

How much does male penis prosthesis surgery cost in Spain?

At first glance, the price of a penile prosthesis and surgery may seem high, but you should understand that it is much cheaper than long-term use of the same sildenafil for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In such a case, a penile implant can be a fairly cheap option, also given that the surgery is a one-time operation and will last for many years.

The price of a penile implant can be influenced by various factors such as: the complexity of the procedure, the type of device, the experience of the specialist, and the recovery time, among other factors.

Treatment of sexual dysfunction with surgery in ValenciaThe price of the entire program in Valencia is usually from 15,000 euros for the latest generation of three-component implants.

I can say that all my patients are very satisfied. Two months after the operation, we allow the use of the prosthesis. We monitor all our patients after 6 months and half a year. To be honest, it's hard to convey all the positive reviews.
However, I must also say that we are very demanding with the admission criteria, because such an operation can only be performed by those who have tried all the methods of treatment, or the person had a serious injury or oncology, or even injections do not help him.

What kind of patients come to us?

Treatment of sexual dysfunction and impotence is an important area of men's health, and one of the effective methods is penile prosthesis. This method is especially relevant for certain categories of patients, including diabetics, patients who have undergone prostatectomy, and those who have experienced penile injuries.

Penile prosthesis offers a reliable solution to restore sexual function and improve quality of life. This procedure involves the introduction of a specially designed prosthesis that imitates natural functions and ensures satisfactory sexual intercourse. The approach to each patient is individual, taking into account his health, lifestyle and specific needs.

Our goal is to offer the most appropriate and effective treatment for each patient, providing the highest level of professionalism, confidentiality and care.