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Medical services and consultations in Spain

Every year, Valencia, a pearl on the sunny Spanish coast, is visited not only by a huge number of tourists, but also by many people seeking to improve their health. This beautiful resort is known not only for its beaches and cultural attractions, but also as one of the world's leading medical tourism centers. Treatment in Valencia is a combination of high-quality medical care and a unique climate that promotes rapid recovery and rehabilitation.

You can see this for yourself by seeking qualified routine or emergency medical care. By scheduling a consultation with a doctor, you will have access to advanced treatment methods and a personalized approach to your health. Valencia is not just a holiday destination, but also a reliable choice for those who strive for a healthy and fulfilling life

Dr. Oleg Korzhikov advises patients not only as a family doctor, but also as an expert in the field of radiological diagnostics, as well as an organizer of planned surgical operations. You can contact your doctor regarding ultrasound and magnetic resonance diagnostics.

Organization of common surgical procedures

  1. Modern and new methods of eliminating the cause of the disease. They are more efficient than some practices that may be outdated.
  2. A complex approach. We use individual solutions for each patient, complete diagnostics and expert advice.
  3. Modern technical equipment. Robotic surgical equipment. Leading suppliers of prostheses and materials.
Consultation on surgical operations in Spain

Patients come to me for information about performing surgeries in Valencia. Often asked to recommend a particular surgeon or medical center that specializes in a particular pathology. My task is to provide complete information from confirmation of the diagnosis, to the plan of the surgical operation and the final results.

It is I who support patients at all stages of treatment as an expert doctor together with a surgeon. I am responsible for quality control of operations and protection of patients. I do not act as an intermediary, but as a curator of the entire medical program. My responsibilities include supervising the work of all medical staff of the hospital and specialists.

Information is provided for a fee and is included in my consultation. Medical specialist consultations for surgical operations are provided exclusively to private patients. You will have enough time to discuss your problem in detail.

Dr. Korzhikov offers highly qualified medical consultations and services in Valencia and Madrid, where advanced hospitals and highly qualified specialists are located. If your interest lies in obtaining information about the cost of a certain surgical procedure, and you are experiencing difficulty in determining the necessary surgical intervention, then we strongly recommend that you write a letter to our official email.

We guarantee that we will respond to you as soon as possible, providing all the necessary information. It is worth noting that it can be difficult to determine the exact cost of a surgical procedure without a detailed analysis of your case. By contacting Doctor Korzhikov, you can be sure of receiving high-quality medical care and an individual approach to your treatment.

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VALINTERMED cooperates with major private medical hospitals and medical clinics throughout Spain. Patients come to us from different countries of the world and in different languages. We provide medical services in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.

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Treatment of Parkinson's disease and Essential tremor disease. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

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MRT 3T and PET

High class MRI for further treatment either in Spain or in another country. MRT 3T, 1.5T

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Treatment of sexual dysfunction in Valencia. Treatment of erectile dysfunction. Treatment of impotence.

In Spain there are very good and technologically advanced medical centers specializing in diagnostics, radiotherapy and surgery. If you need to have a Magnetic Resonance (MRI) performed in Valencia, we provide the opportunity to perform a high-resolution 3 Tesla MRI. You can also do a comprehensive examination of the whole body. Valencia offers genetic testing and confirmation of rare genetic diseases.

Medical services and consultations in Spain

VALINTERMED specializes in Cardiology, Neurology, Urology, Traumatology and, accordingly, surgical operations. Our patients are treated in hospitals in Madrid and Valencia. A new non-surgical treatment for Parkinson's disease using HIFU ultrasound is proposed.

The blog publishes useful materials for patients. Materials can be both informative and advisory in nature. Articles are written and checked by Dr. Korzhikov. The materials are based on the latest scientific articles and clinical studies. Some articles contain drug search tools. All information is created on the basis of Spanish and European medical information sources. If you have any questions, I will always try to answer them in a letter.