All medical consultations are carried out through the appointment form. You must fill out the application form correctly. By attaching a photo of your insurance company. If you are a minor patient, you will not be registered. Your parents or guardians should call the clinic and make an appointment by phone.

Yes, medical telephone consultations are possible throughout Spain. You must send fill and submit the application. Be sure to fill in all the fields correctly and attach a photo of your insurance company. If you are a private patient, be sure to include this information when applying.

Private patients who require face-to-face medical consultation must also submit an application form, indicating the type of consultation and that they are "private patients". If this is a telephone consultation, then a universal appointment form has been created for you.

Your private health insurance covers both face-to-face and telephone medical consultations with a general practitioner throughout Spain. If you are in any city or in another region, you can also get medical advice from Dr. Korzhikov.

When registering, you always indicate if you have a private medical insurance policy, and you must also attach a photo of the insurance card or attach a QR code from your insurance company application for a consultation.


If you need not medical consultation of a specialist, and only referrals for examinations are needed, then you must send an application, indicating the necessary analysis in the message. If you have private health insurance, this referral service will be done like a regular medical consultation.

If you are a private patient or without a private medical insurance policy and you need referrals for tests, then you need to familiarize yourself with the prices for such services in the “Consultations” - “Other therapist services” section. After that, you send an application in the form, indicating the necessary servant.

This type of consultation is provided only for private patients, these consultations are paid. Patients with private insurance policies may be given this consultation if you have already been to a doctor's appointment.

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The owner of the site, OLEG KORZHYKOV PAVLYUK personally processes all applications and letters, answering all letters personally. Professional medical ethics are observed and all patient information is not stored on the site. The site is designed as an informational project and does not have a database. The site is registered under the Spanish LOPD and RGDP.