Treatment of testicular tumors in Valencia

Detection of a mass independent of the epididymis on the testis allows the a priori diagnosis of a malignant tumor and requires surgical treatment using the technique of radical inguinal orchiectomy. In 95% cases, it is a germ cell tumor. Testicular cancer without metastases has a treatment success rate of 98% after an additional course of Radiotherapy (especially if it is a seminoma).

The prognosis of metastatic forms depends on the mass of the tumor. Platinum-based chemotherapy is very effective in the treatment of testicular cancer, with over 80% chances of a complete remission of the disease within 5 years!

Platinum-based chemotherapy is particularly effective and replaces radiotherapy in the treatment of other types of testicular cancers (nonseminomas) when metastases exist.

Younger patients who have and want to have children in the future are more likely to have a sperm preservation procedure before surgery (orchiectomy).


Testicular cancer is relatively rare and in 95% cases is associated with a tumor that arises from germ cells (Germ cell tumors that develop from the seminal epithelium). However, testicular cancer is the most common malignant tumor in men aged 15-35 years, accounting for 12% of deaths in this age group.

Most often, the disease is diagnosed through a physical examination. The main feature of the disease is its predominantly curable nature, due to the combination of rapid diagnostic methods and effective therapeutic protocols. The 5-year survival rate is over 95%.


Treatment of testicular tumors in Valencia

So, clinical palpation or ultrasound detection of a testicular mass warrants surgery such as radical orchiectomy, which is of diagnostic and therapeutic value. Additional procedures vary depending on the type of histological type of cancer and whether it is sensitive to chemotherapy and how fast it grows.

Non-seminoma tumors (NSGCTs) grow rapidly and require chemotherapy, while Seminomas are radiation-sensitive and tend to grow slowly. The prognosis of metastatic forms depends on the mass of the tumor. Platinum-based chemotherapy is effective in the treatment of nonseminoma tumors, with more than 80% in remission within five years. It is also effective in the treatment of seminoma and replaces external beam radiation therapy when there is the presence of metastatic tumors.

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