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According to the WHO, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of the leading causes of early death in adults, especially in industrialized countries in 2021. Among these diseases, coronary artery disease and stroke are considered the most dangerous. The main danger of these diseases lies in the fact that they very often do not give any pronounced symptoms, but they tend to progress. Therefore, the prevention of such diseases is relevant for every person, even if he feels healthy and full of energy.

Patients often come to us with a request to recommend a good cardiologist in Valenciaboth pediatric and adult patients. In this section, I will publish not only useful contacts of specialists, but also very necessary programs for early diagnosis.

Our special examination programs

Highly qualified cardiologists in Valencia will help you identify and treat, if you have any, cardiovascular diseases.
CVD includes the vast majority of lesions of the heart muscle and blood vessels of the heart:

• narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels (ischemic disease),
• strokes,
• rheumatic heart disease (heart damage on the background of rheumatism),
• thrombosis,
• heart defects, etc.

A feature of diseases of the heart and blood vessels is that with early detection, the disease can be stopped, slowing down its progression. The problem is easier to prevent than to treat the consequences of a heart attack or stroke. Physical activity, avoiding bad habits, a healthy diet with reduced amounts of animal fats - all this helps to prevent the risk of developing heart disease. However, one should not limit oneself to a healthy lifestyle: preventive examinations by a cardiologist are mandatory for all men over 30 and women over 40 (at least once a year).

Ultrasound examination of the heart in Spain will help to identify hidden problems that threaten to develop into a serious disease over time. Diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in Valencia is carried out by doctors of the highest qualification - regardless of the stage of the disease, they will do everything possible to reduce the severity of symptoms, reduce the risk of serious consequences and improve the patient's quality of life. At the service of our clients is cardiology in Valencia. You can undergo a full range of examinations, having received advice from highly qualified specialists in Russian.

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    Thanks to the author of the article for useful information about cardiovascular diseases and their prevention. In light of these data, I would like to ask the following question:

    What risk factors can be identified that help determine the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease in people who do not experience significant symptoms?

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