Where is better PCR in Valencia test for travel from Spain

In March 2021, the tourist season begins in Spain. According to the latest data, the number of infections is decreasing and the epidemiological situation is getting better. Mass vaccination also improves the epidemiological situation. Therefore, restrictions are now significantly eased and people are starting to visit Spain and who wants fly to another countries.

However, there are a number of restrictions and controls that must be followed in order to visit Spain and the Canary Islands. The article is not only recommended for residents in Spain, but also useful for tourists who visit Spain and plan to continue their journey further. For those who are going to fly from Spain to other countries, either PCR or antigen test will be required.

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Which Covid-19 test is suitable for traveling to and from Spain?

For March-April 2021, for a trip to Spain, as well as for movement in Spain, a PCR test (PCR) is needed to detect coronavirus. This rule is mandatory for all tourists who are going to visit Spain in 2021. It is also mandatory to fill out a special entry form (Formulario de Control Sanitario con código QR)).

We do not know exactly how the situation will change in the near future, so we will focus on the latest information and recommendations. Some countries allow different types of entry tests, but we will focus on specific information for Spain.

What should I do if I have no symptoms of Covid-19, the PCR result is positive, and the plane ticket has already been purchased?

We suspect that the test may have been false-positive, so we recommend that you have the test done in a verified laboratory. This question has become more and more common over the past two months. The biomedical company Ascires has its own genetic laboratory, so the test quality standards are very high.

We are often approached by people who urgently want to fly out of Spain, or fly to the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands or Palma de Mallorca. But since they did the test in an ordinary or unknown laboratory for a very cheap price, they have a positive SARS-CoV-2 test result. And there are no symptoms and no contacts with the sick. Therefore, our company can urgently re-test.

For those who are in Valencia, Castellón, Gandía, Sagutna, it is possible to very quickly make both the first and the control PCR test for travel.

What tests are there for detecting Covid-19? Is it possible to make another test cheaper?

There are four types of tests. But it is important for you not only to protect yourself and those around you, but also that you do not have any questions from the border services at the airport. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you do not save on cheap and low-quality tests, so as not to simply lose your ticket and trip.

How much does a test cost at ASCIRES Biomedical Center?

In which cities of the Comunidad Valenciana are the Ascires clinics located?

  1. Valencia –  Clinic Ascires Campanar  (AddressCarrer del Marqués de Sant Joan, 4-6, 46015 València, Valencia)
  2. Puerto de Sagunto –  Clinic Ascires Sagunto (AddressC, Avinguda de l’Advocat Fausto Caruana, 11, 46520 Sagunto, Valencia)
  3. Castellon – Clinic Ascires Castellon (AddressCarrer de Betxí, 7, 12004 Castelló de la Plana, Castelló)
  4. Gandia – Clinic Ascires Gandia  (AddressAv. d’Alacant, 123, Nave 6, 46702 Gandia, Valencia)
  5. Xativa – Clinic Ascires Xativa (AddressRonda Séquia de la Vila, S/N, 46800, Valencia)

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