MRT 3T (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

In this section, we want to provide you with the opportunity to quickly and efficiently get an MRI scan in Valencia. Many patients come to us in order to have a high-class MRI scan for further treatment either in Spain or in another country. Since there are a large number of different offers in private hospitals, we would like to guide you in this section, where and how best to carry out a high-quality MRI in Spain.

The VALINTERMED campaign carries out diagnostics in cooperation with the Valencia medical group ASCIRES, which in turn is the undisputed leader in the field of MRI and CT. We carry out all the necessary studies in the shortest possible time and directly at the diagnostic center without intermediaries in the person of private hospitals, so the cost of MRI studies for patients is much cheaper.

We would like to note that we have at our disposal new MRT equipment 3T, 1.5T, new-generation contrasts, and all images are accompanied by detailed interpretation by our specialists, and the patient receives information on different media. There is remote access technology for individual patients, so you can access your images from anywhere in the world.

For complex and significant examinations, our company provides exclusive discounts for its patients.

MRT prices in Spain

Magnetic resonance imaging in Valencia, Spain

Skull and head

MRI of the brain265
MRI of the pituitary gland265
MRI of the eye orbits and optic nerves265
MRI of the inner ear, temporal bone, auditory nerve265
MRI of the jaw joints, open / closed265
MRI salivary sticks265
MRI of cerebral vessels (Willis-TSA)430
Diffusion MRI of the brain430
MRI diffusion brain 3D430
MRI brain perfusion430
MR Spectroscopy430
Functional MRI430
Functional MRI of the sensorimotor area430
Functional MRI of the auditory area430
Functional MRI of the visual area430
Functional MRI of memory area430
Functional MRI of the speech area430
Functional MRI of higher nervous activity430
MRI of cerebrospinal fluid / hydrocephalus430
3D brain MRI695
3D MRI of the inner ear695
MRI of salivary glands and their functions430


MRI of the cervical spine265
MRI of the vessels of the cervical spine (TSA)430
MRI of cervical arteries430
MRI of venous and arterial vessels430
Sleep MRI / Sleep Apnea715
Normal MRI / Sleep Apnea695
MRI vascular dynamics of the cervical spine860
MRI diffusion430

Chest organs

Chest MRI265
MRI of vertebrae, ribs and soft tissues265
MRI of the brachial plexus265
Breast MRI430
MRI of the axillary region265
MRI of the acromioclavicular joint265
Cardiac MRI / contrast430
Chest vascular MRI / contrast430
MRI of the heart – study of the heart muscle430
Cardiac MRI-pharmacological stress715
MRI of the heart – congenital vascular pairs715
MRI chest diffusion430
MRI of chest vessels (veins, arteries)430
MRI of the aorta430
MRI of pulmonary arteries430
MRI chest veins430
Thoracic MRI860
MRI of mammary glands and blood vessels860
MRI breast dynamics860

Abdominal MRI

MRI of abdominal organs265
MRI of the abdominal muscles265
MRI of the liver265
Kidney MRI265
Adrenal MRI265
MRI of the vessels of the abdominal cavity430
MRI of the arteries of the thoracic aorta, iliac arteries430
MRI of liver vessels430
MRI of renal vessels430
Diffusional abdominal MRI430
MRI renal perfusion430
MRI peritoneal / retroperitoneal430
MR Cholangiography430
MR-cholangiography using pharmaceutical stimulation430
MRI urography430
3D abdominal MRI695
Dynamic contrast MRI of the liver430

Pelvic region

MRI of the pelvic organs265
MRI of the entire pelvic bone apparatus265
MRI of the hip joints265
MRI of the lumbosacral region265
MRI of the pelvic vessels430
Diffusion MRI of the pelvic region430
MR spectroscopy of the pelvic region430
Fetal MRI and Pelviometry430
MRI of the pelvic joints430
MRI of the female reproductive system (uterus, ovaries)430
MRI of the male reproductive system (prostate)430
Rectal MRI430
MRI defecography695
MRI defecography-cystography715
MRI defecography-cysto-colpography715
MRI staging of rectal cancer430
MR staging of the male genitourinary system430
MR staging of the female genitourinary system430

Upper limb-hand

MRI of the shoulder / plexus265
MRI of the elbow265
MRI of the palm265
MRI of the upper limb265
Forearm MRI265
MRI of the shoulder265
MRI of the vessels of the shoulder860
MRI of arm vessels430
MRI of the vessels of the forearm430
MRI of the vessels of the shoulder region430
MRI of the shoulder joint430
MRI of the elbow430
MRI wrist and hand430

Lower limb-leg

MRI of the knee265
MRI of the tibia265
MRI of the foot265
Ankle MRI265
MRI of the lower limb265
Comprehensive MRI of the entire lower limb860
MRI of the vessels of the foot430
MRI of the thigh vessels430
MRI of the vessels of the popliteal and lower segments430
Arthro MRI of the knee joint430
Arthro MRI of the ankle430

Vertebral column

MRI of the cervical vertebrae265
MRI of the thoracic vertebrae265
MRI of the lumbar vertebrae265
MRI of the sacro-lumbar spine265
MRI cervical myelography430
MRI thoracic myelography430
MRI lumbar myelography430
MRI dynamics of cervical joints430
MRI cervical diffusion430
Thoracic MRI diffusion430
MRI lumbar diffusion430

Special MRI

MRI of the whole body for metastases715
MRI of soft tissues for dystrophies430
MRI of vessels of the whole body1 720

Additional services


Computed tomography (CT) scan in Valencia, Spain

Skull and head
Chest organs
Abdominal MRI
Pelvic region
Upper limb-hand
Lower limb-leg
Vertebral column

Skull and head

CT of the brain130
CT of the pituitary gland130
CT of the eye orbits130
CT of the paranasal sinuses and nasopharynx130
CT of the pharynx and nasopharynx130
TC of the temporal bones and middle ear130
CT dentascan / 3D CT scan of teeth235
CT dentascan of the upper jaw235
CT of salivary glands130
CT of the skull130
CT of the temporal bones130
CT Brain Angiography345
CT brain perfusion345
CT Tumor Perfusion345
3D CT scan of the brain235
3D face CT235
CT 3D Skull235
CT stereotactic surgery235


CT of the cervical spine130
CT of the pharynx and nasopharynx130
CT angiography of the carotid arteries345
CT angiography of veins and arteries235
CT virtual larynx navigation235
3D cervical CT235

Chest organs

Chest CT130
CT of the anterior chest130
CT high resolution pleura130
CT of the breast130
CT Aortic Angiography345
CT angiography of the pulmonary arteries345
CT of chest veins345
CT angiography of cardiac arteries650
CT hagiography / pulmonary vein phlevology345
CT of the thoracic aorta235
CT of pulmonary artetia235
CT Cardiac Perfusion345
CT perfusion of cancers345
CT control of chest punctures545
CT chest drainage control545
CT intravascular navigation235
CT virtual bronchoscopy235
3D chest CT235
CT 3D chest vessels235
CT of lung tumors235
CT screening MSCT-cardiac calcium345

Abdominal region

Abdominal CT130
CT phlebology of Abdominal veins345
CT angiography of the abdominal aorta345
CT scan of the liver venous system345
CT abdominal aorta AVA235
CT scan of the gallbladder and bile ducts235


CT urography345
CT tumor perfusion345
CT of abdominal punctures545
CT abdominal drainage545
CT virtual colonoscopy345
CT virtual gastroscopy345
CT liver dynamics345
CT kidney dynamics345
CT scan of pancreas345
3D abdominal CT scan235

Pelvic region

Pelvic CT130
CT of the hip joints130
CT of the pelvic bones130
CT angiography of the iliac arteries345
CT venography of the iliac veins345
CT advanced pelvic analysis235
CT perfusion of pelvic tumors345
CT puncture545
CT drain545
3D CT scan of the pelvic region235
3D CT of the hip joints235

Upper limb-hand

CT of the shoulder130
CT of the elbow130
CT of the brush130
CT of the lower arm130
CT of the forearm130
CT of the shoulder130
CT angiography of upper limb arteries345
CT angiography of upper limb veins345
CT analysis of the vessels of the upper limb235
CT arthrography of joints345
CT perfusion of upper limb tumors345
CT puncture545
CT drain545
3D CT of the shoulder joint235
CT 3D of the elbow235
CT 3D Brushes235
CT 3D wrist235
CT 3D forearm235
3D CT of the humerus235

Lower limb-leg

CT of the knee130
CT scan of the ankle130
CT of the foot130
CT of the femoral muscles130
CT of the tibia130
CT angiography of lower limb arteries345
CT angiography of the veins of the lower extremity345
CT angiography of the lower limb235
CT arthrography of the joints of the lower limb345
CT tumor perfusion345
CT puncture545
CT of lower limb drainage545
CT 3D of the knee joint235
CT 3D ankle235
CT 3D foot235
3D CT of the femur235
CT 3D tibia235
CT multiposition knee joint345
CT scan of the knee with flexion235
CT scan of the hip joint during movement235
CT of the tibia while moving235


CT of the cervical spine130
Thoracic CT130
CT of the lumbar spine130
CT of the lumbosacral region130
CT perfusion of cervical tumors345
CT perfusion of thoracic tumors345
CT perfusion of lumbar tumors345
CT perfusion of sacral tumors345
CT navigation of the spinal puncture545
CT navigation for vertebral plastic surgery545
CT of drainage545
3D cervical CT235
3D thoracic CT235