Postcvoid Syndrome Diagnostic and Control Program

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There is currently a decrease in the incidence of COVID-19. Restriction of movement, keeping distance and the introduction of vaccination have a beneficial effect on the epidemiological situation in the world. Borders will open soon and people will be able to travel, visit different countries.

It is so important, that basic precautions must be taken to prevent new outbreaks and foci of viral infections. Analyzing the epidemiological situation, we can say that the situation in most countries, where the precautions are taken correctly and properly, is under control.

However, the effects of Post Covid syndrome have now appeared. Nearly 20% of those who get sick feel the effects within a few months, and some feel them up to six months after an acute illness, for example, have difficulty breathing. This is the so-called post-covid syndrome, which combines the presence of symptoms in any way associated with this viral infection.

What are the most common symptoms of Post COVID-19 patients?

After a person has had a coronavirus infection, complications may appear, the appearance of which we can already list:

Which patients need to be screened for postcoid syndrome?

Any person who has suffered this viral infection, who wants to know his state of health, identify and control any possible symptoms of this syndrome. First of all, these are people with chronic diseases. It is also advisable to perform a COVID-19 antibody test.

Why is it better to be examined at Ascires biomedical centers?

These programs were created by our team of family doctors and internists, pulmonologists, cardiologists and neurologists. All tests, analyzes and examinations will be performed at one of six centers in Valencia and the Valencian Community.

Ascires Biomedical Centers have their own equipment and a team of doctors, so spirometry, stress test, tomography and ultrasound examination will be performed in one place and on the appointed day.

The company works with many insurance companies, so in some cases these programs will be completely free for you.

Examinations and consultations protocols in biomedical centers Ascires

Protocol 1

Most people did not have any symptoms, or suffered a mild infection, or severe symptoms, having undergone Covid-19 at home, but without the need for hospitalization:

Protocol 2

But the patients who have experienced pronounced signs of the disease, and who needed medical care followed by hospitalization, as well as constant support and treatment:

Are additional diagnostic examinations needed for postcoid syndrome?

Our team has identified the following list of available and possibly needed additional tests:

Note that all these examinations are prescribed by our specialists if necessary. To perform these procedures, you always need a referral from your specialist. Since some examinations require the use of contrasts, then, accordingly, we cannot allow unnecessary side effects.

In which cities of the Comunidad Valenciana are the Ascires clinics located?

  1. Valencia –  Clinic Ascires Campanar  (AddressCarrer del Marqués de Sant Joan, 4-6, 46015 València, Valencia)
  2. Puerto de Sagunto –  Clinic Ascires Sagunto (AddressC, Avinguda de l’Advocat Fausto Caruana, 11, 46520 Sagunto, Valencia)
  3. Castellon – Clinic Ascires Castellon (AddressCarrer de Betxí, 7, 12004 Castelló de la Plana, Castelló)
  4. Gandia – Clinic Ascires Gandia  (AddressAv. d’Alacant, 123, Nave 6, 46702 Gandia, Valencia)
  5. Xativa – Clinic Ascires Xativa (AddressRonda Séquia de la Vila, S/N, 46800, Valencia)

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