CHECK-UP in Valencia (Spain)

In modern clinical diagnostics, medical examination technologies are used that do not require much time. Their potential is important for the detection of serious diseases. In this regard, it became necessary to standardize protocols for fast and high-quality diagnostics. From here the “Check-up” examination or “Check-up” diagnostics starts.

There are many analytical, physical, navigational, visual studies. They are useful for accurate and targeted diagnostics. For the modern patient, MRI is a familiar study, but there are already about twenty different and unrelated types of it. Even for some doctors, there is a certain difficulty in choosing. Therefore, it becomes necessary to consult a radiologist.

VALINTERMED cooperates with major diagnostic centers performing check-up examinations in Valencia (Spain). We are actively involved in research activities for the rapid diagnosis of cancer and TrueBeam radiotherapy. In our practice, we use MRT-3T in accordance with the new requirements and standards.

What is “Check-up” and what is its peculiarity

Check-up is an organism diagnosis called complex. It allows you to identify pathological abnormalities in its work, to determine various diseases at an early stage of their development.

For carrying out the following types of diagnostics are used:

We draw your attention to the fact that for people of different ages there is a specific program for checking the body.

So, for women 35 years old, it is important to perform ultrasound of the mammary glands, at an older age – mammography. A similar situation is with the cardiovascular system. In men, problems with this system occur more often. Women need to pay attention to the thyroid gland. Such subtleties must be taken into account.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of conducting a comprehensive survey can be considered:

This system has no drawbacks, especially since the prices in Valencia are lower not only in comparison with Barcelona and Madrid, but also in comparison with the USA and Germany.


Our company specializes in medical tourism in Spain. The main type of services is medical assistance to patients in Valencia. We have developed a special express program “Check-up Tourist”. It allows you to carry out a medical check-up within a few hours.

While on vacation, you can make a check-up check, which lasts only a few days.

Many of our patients, who travel frequently, have repeatedly come across different offers to make a “Check-up” examination in Spain or any other country. They have heard many different arguments in favor of private healthcare. “Check-up” has become in demand by patients. As a result, people who have absolutely nothing to do with medicine are involved in organizing “batch studies”.

We analyzed a large number of proposed check-up programs in different countries. We also evaluated the results of the previously mentioned “package” options for further treatment in Spain. After analyzing the information, we came to the conclusion: it is much better for our patients to create more advanced programs. They must integrate comprehensive and rapid diagnostics in some of the best healthcare facilities in their field.

We have the resources at our disposal to provide a comprehensive check-up program. Several of Valencia’s best diagnostic centers can be connected at the same time. Due to this, in a short time, the exclusivity of certain services is provided when it is necessary to quickly diagnose rare diseases.

Pay attention to the importance of preparing for different types of checks. In some cases, it is required to be tested on an empty stomach, in others – to follow a diet for several days or be with a cleansed intestine.


Gold Standard

1. Detailed analysis of blood and urine

2. Consultation and detailed conversation with the doctor

3. Cardiology: electrocardiography and ergometry

4. Radiological control and imaging

5. Ultrasound of the abdominal organs

6. Audiometry

7. Ophthalmic examination

8. Espirometry

9. Ultrasound of the carotid arteries

Check-up PRO

The list for the Gold Standard program plus:


2.Ophthalmologist, Urologist, Gynecologist, Otorhinolaryngologist Consultations

3.CT Coronary Calcium (CaScore), TAC Score Calcio

Check-up ULTRA

List of the Pro program plus:

1.Complete blood count with the determination of tumor markers in the blood.

2.Gastroenterology: gastroscopy, colonoscopy.

3.Study of the central nervous system, MRI of the brain.

4.Dermatological examination, Dermatologist consultation.

Final conversation with the doctor and discussion of the examination results.

Don’t neglect your health. Check your body in a timely manner. Find out where to start with the help of your doctor in Spain or where you live. Also consult our Russian family doctor in Valencia.