• Test PCR in Valencia and Comunidad Valenciana

    Tests for 12-24 hours for traveleы. Saliva PCR. A network of clinics in Comunidad Valenciana.

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  • Diagnostics and control of the post-covid syndrome

    Complete diagnostics of your health condition

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Лечение в Валенсии

Every year Valencia is visited by many tourists and a large number of people want to improve their health. This resort, located on the sunny Spanish coast, is one of the world’s centers for medical tourism. You can verify this yourself by contacting VALINTERMED for routine or urgent assistance.

Why is it better to be treated in Spain?

The healing climate, clinics of the European level and the approach of Spanish doctors to diagnosis and treatment are attracting an increasing number of people from different countries. Local specialists, including the best doctors with Spanish higher education, use:

  1. Methods for eliminating the cause of the disease. They are more effective than symptom-focused practices.
  2. A complex approach. Individual solutions are used for each patient in need of assistance.
  3. Modern technical equipment. Our experience, knowledge, it is possible to achieve positive results. We are constantly exchanging experience in other countries in order to introduce advanced technologies.

All this, in combination with the sunny climate, ensures effective treatment, quick rehabilitation and reliable prevention of relapses. Therefore, more and more patients акщь many countries choose medical tourism in Spain to receive high-quality medical care that is not available in other countries.


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Medical consultations in Valencia and Castellon

We work with a large team of doctors

We plan and organize your treatment in Valencia

We provide full support at all stages. Expret opinion

Do you need help?

Self-organization of treatment in Spain, including in Valencia, can be difficult even for residents of the country.

Our task is to provide medical service to the patients from all coutries of the World, as well as those who do not speak Spanish or English, and find a suitable doctor in Valencia. We will solve health problems for any patient. In practice, many patients who prefer high perfomance of medical tourism in Spain are faced with different situations in which only our physicians can give expert solution. And another details: a language barrier, complexity of terminology, a problem in choosing a doctor, a lack of understanding of the healthcare system.

Call us, always ready to help!

The mission of our team is –
take on the solution of the following tasks:

The cost of our services is lower than that of non-core travel agencies, intermediaries.
Act quickly if urgent intervention is required.
Мы действуем быстрее и слаженнее, мы говорим по-английски, мы обмениваемся опытом.
Examine the medical history. Refer to a specialized doctor. Suggest multiple treatment options. Indicate terms and cost.
Provide assistance in obtaining a visa in Valencia and assistance with temporary accommodation.

Need an interpreter guide?

Our team takes over negotiations with Spanish doctors.

It also resolves and allows you to focus on recovery..

We also provide:

  1. medical advice from a highly qualified doctor in Valencia;
  2. selection of a clinic: it corresponds to a specific problem;
  3. search for a doctor: time is appointed, information is prepared;
  4. support at all stages;
  5. remote consultations.

We speak Russian

We share

Our team consists of practicing doctors. They provide specialized consultations, publish specialized articles on our portal.

If you are a doctor and would like to improve your qualifications, please contact us. We are open for cooperation, and we invite Russian-speaking doctors to exchange experience in clinics in Spain. Do you need to contact a medical institute or a specialized research center? We work with them as well.

VALINTERMED invites people who need help for treatment in Valencia. For all questions, please contact the indicated phone numbers or write to the feedback form.