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If you are in Valencia as a tourist, without of international medical insurance policy, and you need medical advice, then go to the section “Tourists as travelers”, where you can, by filling out the form, make an appointment.

If you are a resident of Spain and you have private health insurance, then go to the section “Residents”. By filling out the contact form, you can choose a time and day convenient for you, and get the necessary advice. For a medical insurance policy.

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The mild warm climate, the combination of treatment with relaxation, the comprehensive approach of specialists are just a few of the reasons why Valencia continues to gain popularity among those wishing to be treated abroad.

If you need high-quality medical care of the European level, we are ready to help

We will tell you about the advanced methods of treating the most complex diseases that are used in the clinics of Valencia

We will select the right specialists to solve your problem, providing several alternative options to choose from

We will help you organize a medical tourist trip to Valencia, starting from the preparation of documents and ending with accompanying a tourist after discharge

Childbirth in Valencia

Many future families who can afford to register for pregnancy in a private clinic prefer foreign medical centers. The prices for childbirth in Valencia are comparable to the prices in Russian private maternity hospitals, and the service and, most importantly, the professionalism of Spanish obstetricians and gynecologists is much higher.

Sports medicine

We cooperate with Spanish specialists with many years of practical experience in the field of sports medicine. If you need to recover from an injury or surgery, and you want to be able to return to sports again, we will be happy to find a qualified doctor who will successfully guide you through all the stages of treatment. Go to the section for further reading.

Cooperation with doctors

We are open to building partnerships with clinics and are happy to welcome experienced medical practitioners to our team. Our resource was created, among other things, as a platform for organizing international training courses. We invite Spanish and Russian-speaking doctors to cooperate, wishing to exchange experiences and become part of a friendly team aimed at providing quality care to patients.