According to statistics, almost 20% of the world’s population is susceptible to one or another type of allergy, and the incidence is growing rapidly. Deterioration of the environment, a large amount of preservatives and additives in food, stress, climatic changes are only a small part of the reasons that provoke the development of allergic reactions.

Allergy, in addition, is inherited – if at least one parent suffers from an allergy, then with a probability of 25% the child will develop the disease. It is difficult to overestimate the inconvenience of chronic allergies. Restrictions on food intake, inability to enjoy smells, constant watery eyes and much more. Fortunately, modern allergology successfully combats both the symptoms and the causes of allergies.

An analysis for any type of allergy in Spain will help identify the allergen that is causing the discomfort.

We provide our patients with the opportunity to do a prick test for all types of allergens

When is it worth getting tested?

Allergy tests must be taken if the following symptoms are observed:

• persistent runny nose and watery eyes,
• itching in the nasopharynx,
• the appearance of a rash on the skin,
• regular dry cough at night,
• feeling of lack of air,
• the appearance of wheezing in the lungs.

A visit to an allergist and testing will help identify the causative agent of the allergy and eliminate the symptoms. Do not postpone a visit to the clinic – the longer a person lives with allergy symptoms, the more their health deteriorates. Allergy is not just an unpleasant feeling, it is the body’s stay in a state of chronic stress and exhaustion, so you can and should fight it.

The specialists of the clinic in Valencia will help determine the cause of the allergy. Based on these data, an individual treatment program will be developed that will allow you to cope with allergies once and for all.