Here you can book a consultation with me, get accurate information on treatment in Spain, in particular in Valencia. You can also learn about advanced medical technologies and new methods in the treatment of diseases on this site. I periodically create useful materials and articles for patients. VALINTERMED is my business card.



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Every year Valencia is visited not only by many tourists, but also by a large number of people who want to improve their health. This resort, located on the sunny Spanish coast, is one of the world's centers of medical tourism. You can verify this yourself by applying for planned or urgent care, signing up for a consultation with a doctor.

Dr. Oleg Korzhikov advises patients not only as a family doctor, but also as an expert in the field of radiological diagnostics, as well as an organizer of elective surgical operations. You can contact the doctor for ultrasound and magnetic resonance diagnostics.

Medical consultations of a general practitioner in Russian and other medical services are provided by appointment through the form in each section. For an individual medical consultation with Dr. Korzhikov, go to the appropriate section. You can find other specialist services in the "Other Services" section.

If you need a specific specialist, such as a Traumatologist or Cardiologist, then you need to contact your insurance company, which will offer you the appropriate specialist. The specialists recommended by us perform certain surgical operations, and all organizational issues of selection and recommendations are carried out on a paid basis. There are a large number of private clinics and hospitals in Valencia with which we work closely to perform specific surgical procedures.