Vasectomy-consultaciyaBeen rising lately controversial issue as to whether increases whether the previous vasectomy risk of prostate cancer. The authors of the study "Vasectomy prostate cancer" (authors Husby A, Wohlfahrt J, Melbye M SOJ Natl Cancer InstPUBMED)), published the results of 2019 study of more than two million Danish men born between 1937 and 1966. Previous vasectomy was associated with an increased risk of 15% prostate cancer that persisted for at least 30 years after the procedure. However, there is no direct evidence of a causal relationship between vasectomy and prostate cancer because other confounding factors cannot be ruled out when selecting patients to undergo the procedure.

Some urologistswho perform vasectomy while fully informing their patients small potential risk of prostate cancer. Therefore, for now, we recommend that clinicians follow the 2015 American Urological Association guidelines, which do recommend that clinicians discuss prostate cancer in pre-vasectomy counseling.

Vasectomyis the most common method for permanent male contraception. There are several different techniques for performing this procedure. To date, Chinese experts have developed new technology "Without a scalpel."

There are so-called "urban legends" that vasectomy is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, testicular cancer, and immune system dysfunction. It's not really like that! There is only a small risk of kidney stones (men under 46), according to one 1997 study (Am J Kidney Dis. 1997;29(2):207).

Each patient decides for himself whether he needs to have a Vasectomy or not. Always consult with your physician if you have any questions.

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