Information for patients

Many patients often want to know more about the significance of certain medical studies. Today there are quite a large number of these tests, they are all of varying degrees of complexity, and they are not always interconnected. Often people turn to get a referral for a certain examination. Here, a problem often arises, which is to justify the request for any specific examination.

Therefore, basic information for patients will be published here. The table includes a list of ALL the main examinations in Valencia, followed by a brief explanation of their meaning. I would like to note that we strongly recommend that you first come for a consultation, and then perform all the examinations. Whatever technologies are available, the most important tool in working with patients will always be a competent, detailed and complete patient history (epicrisis).

List of basic medical examinations in Valencia

If you want to learn more about all medical examinations, prices and other details, then go to the special section.