Cataract treatment in ValenciaA cataract is a clouding of the lens in the front of the eye. The lens is responsible for focusing the image and is the most important part of the light-refracting apparatus of the eye. Clouding of the lens leads to serious vision problems - from blurry to complete loss.

Elderly people are more susceptible to cataracts.


A cataract makes a person's vision blurry or blurry. Because of the cataract, color perception can also be distorted - objects look painted in brown halftones.

Some people only notice the problem when they need a new eyeglass prescription because the old eyeglasses cannot correct the distortion caused by cataracts. Many complain that recently the light of car headlights seems too bright to them.


Yes. A good doctor can detect the presence of a cataract simply by looking into your eyes. Professional cataract diagnosis by an ophthalmologist takes no more than a few minutes. Consult our expertsto decide if you need surgery right away.

Visual impairment does not necessarily indicate a cataract - the reasons may be different. A good ophthalmologist will screen you for all the most common causes of decreased vision by doing a comprehensive examination. As a rule, indicators such as:

  • visual acuity near and far
  • visual acuity when viewing objects that are in focus and on the periphery,
  • intraocular pressure,
  • condition of the retina and optic nerve.


The main method of treatment is a surgical operation, which involves the removal of the organic lens and its replacement with a new, artificial one. If you have been diagnosed with a cataract, this does not mean that the operation should be done immediately - usually the patient and the doctor jointly decide when to resort to intervention.

Cataract surgery is fairly simple and rarely results in complications such as infection or severe pain after the procedure. Lens replacement is one of the most common surgeries in the world and can significantly improve vision in people with severe cataracts. You can book an operation for cataract treatment in Valencia with our experienced specialists.


Patients who are thinking about lens replacement surgery always ask me the following questions:

  • What are the risks of the operation in my case? (If you have other health problems, ask how they might affect the outcome of your surgery.)
  • How can my vision improve after surgery?
  • Is it possible that the operation will not help me?
  • Is a cataract the only reason causing my vision problems? (If you have other eye conditions, surgery may not improve your vision.)
  • How soon after the operation will recovery come?

If a patient requires cataract surgery in both eyes, then it is usually performed as two separate surgeries and performed on different days. The surgeon must be sure that the patient after the first intervention in one eye will feel a noticeable improvement in vision.

After you have read this article, ask yourself:

  • How severe are my vision problems?
  • Can I do whatever I need with the vision I have today?
  • What have I already had to give up due to visual impairment (such as reading or driving)?

Consult with us to decide if you need surgery right away. We will arrange a timely consultation and, if necessary, perform cataract surgery in Valencia. High-quality and timely medical support!